Mailbox Phonics

Mailbox Phonics


“Special Delivery” for sound discrimination and phonemic awareness!


Product Description

(PreK-3) Mailbox Phonics includes 6 sturdy plastic mailboxes with pull-down mail slots and secret sliding doors for emptying the mailbox and checking answers. The 293 appealing, color-coded picture cards, organized by sound, engage children with their compact size, fun graphics, and letter clues printed on each card. As children sort, they must compare and contrast word parts and distinguish the sounds that make words. Because the activities are self-checking, Mailbox Phonics is perfect for small-group instruction as well as independent learning stations that reinforce sound sorting activities.

Includes 293 colorful sorting cards!
•Short vowels
•Long vowels
l blends
r blends
s blends
r-controlled vowels